Joshua Howells


Photography Year 1

I first became interested in photography through live music as I loved seeing how photographers managed to capture the intensity and passion of a live show and I wanted to learn that skill. From there I’ve become interested in documentary photography and how it can capture a particular moment in time and emotion. I want to try and replicate that in my work.

This pandemic for me like many others has led to a huge amount of uncertainty leading to isolation, panic and low mood. My main passion is live music and with no signs of that returning any time soon I fell into a state of mental turmoil. But with encouragement from my tutors I started to use photography as a way of staying sane, coping and finding a purpose. I have used it to explore my emotions and found excitement in the idea of making a documentary project out of this time. With this new found energy I have created a photo diary of the first few months of quarantine and me finding myself in this time.


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